February 2020  
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Coal burning furnaces once heated homes.  On one occasion, a man whose home just wouldn’t get warm one night became very frustrated.  After throwing in one more shovel full of coal, he yelled at the furnace, “No more coal for you until this house is warm!” and slammed the door shut.  It’s easy to see how ineffective such an approach would be. 


Consider how Jesus dealt with his disciples when they demonstrated over and again how little they were learning about the true nature of His kingdom.  In an attempt to impress this upon them in the few remaining hours he had with them, Jesus assumed the role of the lowest servant and washed the feet of each man.  He was trying to tell them that washing feet is an occasion for glory, not humiliation, in His kingdom (John 13).


How’s your spiritual life as a Christian?  Does it “warm you up,” make you feel good about your life, provide you peace that surpasses understanding?  If it’s not, perhaps you’ve decided to invest less time and energy into it until it begins to yield more benefits.  That’s the same approach as the man with his furnace.  Try “washing feet.”  Try giving yourself in the service of others for the glory of God and the name of Jesus Christ.  Find someone you can serve.  Do good, be rich in good deeds, liberal and generous, so that you may take hold of the life which is life indeed (1 Timothy 6:18-19).  Have a “servant spirit,” like Jesus had.

Here are some suggestions:


Help an elderly or sick person with housework, shovel snow, or provide transportation.

Visit the nursing home.

Make friends with someone not in your “crowd”.

Joyfully allow others to have their way (as long as it’s not sinful!); give up your rights some

time.  In short, put your own interests aside and seek other people’s good.


Only DO NOT grow weary in well-doing, for it will yield us benefits, too.  So look for every   opportunity to do good for other Christians, indeed for all people (Galatians 6:9-10).  Let us keep in mind our Mission and Vision: “A New Testament church seeking to evangelize, starting with the central core of Greater Cleveland. We will use our unique gifts and opportunities to engage with the community to bring souls to Jesus, develop and equip them for a 21st century ministry.”  And please remember that God loves you, Jesus died for you, I love you, and I am your servant for Jesus’ sake!


Yours because of Calvary,
Terrance R. McClain, PhD


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